Laquintane - Masculine Femininity

Men's wardrobe made accessible to women is at the heart of Laquintane's DNA, the new Parisian label launched by Rémi de Laquintane only six months ago. Meet the designer in his Parisian studio.

Laquintane is a collection that takes its inspiration from the masculine wardrobe. Each piece is reworked to enhance the female body and let the woman feel free and seductive.

" I find most of my inspiration when travelling. In my younger years, I travelled a lot in Africa, I even directed a documentary about the Masaï tribe. My next stop will be Morocco where I found  artisans to embroider some Laquintane pieces for my next collection. These escapades truly nourish my creative process. Living in Paris, you get easily caught up in a form of routine, dining in the same restaurants, going out with the same people… Travelling provides constant creative energy."

" For Laquintane I take photos of real women around me who are part of my everyday life. I am interested in capturing a moment, catching a glimpse in the life of the women wearing my clothes. Whether she chooses to wear a head-to-toe suit from my collection or mixes Laquintane with other brands, my kind of woman dresses for herself not to please others.

" Sassy, nonchalant and creative! "

Caroline de Maigret in a white linen suit from the summer collection.

The next Resort 2019 collection  will be presented from June 22nd to July 4th 2018.