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Marcia is a French label founded in 2018 by Emma Reynaud, supported by a whole crew.
At Marcia we want to make clothes that rhymes comfy with sexy. All our pieces are carefully studied for multiple purposes: they dress you up during the day and make you twist at night by adding a sheer stockings, lipstick traces or just a dash of perfume, cheeky boom boom way!
Everything is made in France, oui oui. The design is carefully studied to sculpt your body and make you boom boom too. 
Our wardrobe is made with one and only fabric that is at the heart of our creation. This killer OEKO-TEX® fabric is made out of polyamide and elastane and gives you a great freedom of movement. 
This fabric only needs small care, and last forever.  
It is made and printed in Italy by a sustainable company that follows an ecosystem program since 2008 .

OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATION Attests that the fabrics range do not contain and do not release any harmful substances that can be hazardous to people’s health, pursuant to these textile and clothing sector standards for the protection of consumers. Finished products undergo painstaking laboratory analyses checking for the presence/release of harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic amines, allergising colorants. The requirements and thresholds are constantly updated based on the latest medical-scientific studies.