Workwear Manufacturer since 1844


Born with the 19th century industrial revolution,  Lafont is simply The inventor of workwear. For 175 years, Lafont has been at the forefront of technological innovations to guarantee professional users full safety at work. Comfort, technicality and functionality are key words for a House that prides itself in offering durable garments the world over.


A few decades before Levi’s came into the spotlight, Lafont was already offering the iconic blue carpenter’s jacket. Lafont’s industrial know-how paired with the idea of progress have been dressing generations of artisans and workers up to this day.


The ongoing success of Lafont as the leader of workwear on the French market is not limited to workshop and factory activity. Lafont’s overalls have been gracing the cover of French Vogue a few times while the carpenter jacket has become one of Pharrell Williams’ favourite pieces.