Agence M&K

Agence M&K is a consulting agency and a multi-brand showroom based in Paris. Since January 2010, each fashion week is the occasion to present a selection of new brands.

After working in the fashion, art and communication fields, Julie Marang and Perséphone Kessanidis are sharing their experience and knowledge to build their showroom sales agency.
The strength of Agence M&K is a complementary list of the best new designers and brands for the high end and contemporary international market.

Dates Showroom

June 25 - July 04, 2017
September 26 - October 04, 2017
38, rue du Colisée
75008 Paris

Anne Vest

Copenhagen-based brand Anne Vest is an everyday life concept, with a young approach to fur and the leitmotiv, that each collection should be tailored to perfection, with a focus on shape and impeccable quality in an understated design.

Anne Vest stirs up the industry with a fresh new take on fur but always in an unexpected urban luxury. Signature pieces include shearling coats, jackets and luxurious knits with fur applications.


Côme was created by siblings Clémence & Matthieu Dru with the idea of combining an artistic sensibility with a pragmatic spirit. The theme of duality is what defines the Côme’s aesthetic.

The duo offers a range of clothes that represent their image: a mix of androgynous femininity, careless subtlety, modern classicism and graphic flexibility.

Delphine Delafon

Delphine Delafon is a French American designer living in Paris. She launched her brand in 2010. Her atelier workds according to seasons with diversified leathers and exotic bags.

Each bag carries her love, her extravagance and her edginess but most of all her name.


Between 1946 and 1977, Holiday was one of the most exciting magazines in the United States. Reknowned for its fun layout, its challenging choice of photographers, and the aura of its writers, Holiday was telling about the world like no other magazine.

Today, 37 years later, Holiday returns at the instigation of the Atelier Franck Durand. Among the Holiday products collection, a series of colored sweaters, Japanese incense, ceramics made in Paris and even printed stationery.

Holiday collections or a vision of life as a form of art.


Monday morning meetings, Friday night out or Sunday afternoon brunch… These are the types of events that inspired Jour/né' to create an everyday wardrobe.

Jour/né's collections are designed for urban, active and resolutely modern women in search of outfits with both an aesthetic and practical appeal. The ambition is to offer clothes combining both simplicity and creativity.

Maison Château Rouge

African customs and traditions freshly established in Paris…

Maison Château Rouge is a project which is celebrating the Parisian district called “Château Rouge”, giving an urban and contemporary twist to African traditional outfits.

The Maison Château Rouge label focuses on the translation of wax fabric into an everyday, easy-to-wear wardrobe.

Marie Marot

Marie Marot launched her brand in 2013 with the “basics of Marie Marot’s wardrobe": beanies and clutches, adorned with gilded copper plates that pop against simple black materials, to show the strength of her e[mot]ions. But her first love is the shirt: she is so passionate about them that she quickly launched her own line of shirts, focusing on the heart of her brand's identity: timelessness, relaxed elegance, and strong identity.

Michaela Buerger

Michaela Buerger is a fashion designer who has been specializing in hand knit and crochet garments from an early age. Michaela Buerger began knitting long before she learned how to write.

Strong with particular techniques passed down from mother to daughter for generations, Michaela Buerger's collections offer a strong and playful wardrobe. Pieces adorned with colorful crochet patches are designed to make both women's and children's life unique and joyful.


Connecting sportswear and tayloring U.N.X intends to blend fine materials and quality sportswear craftsmanship. U.N.X proposes elegant shapes and dynamic details, for a sophisticated, relaxed silhouette.


Pallas is a Paris-based company that has reinvented the art of Le Smoking. This timeless garment benefits from a signature look and outstanding craftsmanship.

Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris since the 1960s, the Pallas atelier built its réputation upon the creation of sleeved garments. Thanks to its technique derived from men's tailoring and the rarity of its production facilities, Pallas offers an outstanding ready-to-wear collection.

Véronique and Daniel Pallas launched their own line of Pallas Paris tuxedo suits in 2013.