Maison Chateau Rouge

Maison Château Rouge is a label that celebrates it’s own neighbourhood -the 18th district of Paris. Their wax clothes are inspired by African traditional suits but with a contemporary touch. The brand symbolizes the meeting of several cultures, an audacious mix between the loincloth, ultimate piece of the African wardrobe and the urban style of Parisian women. 

The brand is playing on popular imagery. The wax represents the African culture although the cut is inspired by sports jerseys for an urban touch. The fabrics are bought from neighbourhood shops in Château Rouge. Then, the garments are produced in limited volume, which depends on the prints proposed by the merchants.

Our label is part of a larger social project Les Oiseaux Migrateurs. Launched in 2014, the association Les Oiseaux Migrateurs aim to contribute to the development in small business in Africa. Part of the collected profit will be dedicated to the association's projects.