Pallas is a Paris-based company that has reinvented the art of Le Smoking. This timeless garment benefits from a signature look and outstanding craftsmanship. Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris since the 1960s, the Pallas atelier built its reputation upon the creation of sleeved garments. Thanks to its technique derived from men's tailoring and the rarity of its production facilities, Pallas offers an outstanding ready-to-wear collection. Made entirely in Paris, each Pallas piece is hand-crafted, undergoing several steps that respect the traditional chain of tuxedo-making. Véronique, the designer, uses a dummy for the design of her patterns, which she then entrusts to cutters, providing them with a single size. The cutters themselves grade the pattern on wool crepe or double-face wool. Every component of a Pallas garment is individually cut by an expert worker. Once the parts have been cut, they are folded into a bundle, called a bûche, and buttons, shoulder pads, etc. are added. Every morning, independent workers come and pick up their bûche at the atelier. They embody this craft known as petite couture. Even on a clothes hanger, Pallas tuxedos owe their signature look to this hand-made finishing work.