Hanane Hotait

Hanane Hotait’s eponymous label, created in 2016, began with the idea of combining her Lebanese and Middle Eastern heritage with the style and sensual beauty of Paris, where she grew up. The clothing can appeal to women of every age, accentuating their femininity while remaining modern and practical. It is designed for urban, active and resolutely modern women who will find that her outfit translates just as beautifully at the office as it does for a night out.

The backbone of each collection is an exploration of the classic shirt, originally a garment worn exclusively by men, which is now found in every woman’s wardrobe. For the designer, the shirt represents freedom and power all at once, she has made this staple garment her own by adding touches of couture and embroideries.

The brand collaborates with European suppliers and manufacturers to ensure high end, irreproachable quality. The collections are designed in Paris and produced by small ateliers and dressmaking factories in the city, that respect traditional know-how and experience.